Really good marketing, Macy’s!

I went to Macy’s today to shop for clothes for holiday parties and holiday pictures, when I came across this:


Just in case you’re not familiar with the way US clothes are branded, “women’s apparel” is a nice way of saying “clothes for fat ladies.” It’s often also called “plus sizes.” First, I was slightly miffed that Macy’s decided to take a bit of the already dismally small plus size clothing section in order to display holiday gifts. Then I realized that the colorfully bedecked gift boxes were Godiva chocolate (behind the gold Godiva Boxes were Harry and David chocolates).

Well played, Macy’s, well played on so many levels. The chocolate display is near a street exit. It can also cater to fat ladies, who stereotypically love chocolate. On top of that, people might decide to pick up a box as a gift for either themselves, or the fat lady in their lives.

Too bad I promised not to buy any holiday gifts at stores that open especially on Thanksgiving Day.



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