What “One Size Fits All” Looks Like

You Can't Sit with Us
Photo from SaysThePrincess
Buzzfeed can actually do some decent articles. In this case, Buzzfeed got five women of varying sizes to try on “one size fits most” clothes from the store Brandy Melville. The result is as educational as it is hilarious.

Some top comments:
Regarding an extremely short pair of shorts: “I felt like Tommy Pickles circa 1995”
On a crop-top camisole: “I thought this could have been so cute…if I needed a new bra. My main question is what kind of bra are you supposed to wear with this? It’s basically saying you can’t have a bust to even fit in this shirt.”
About a miniskirt: “I’ve always wanted a skirt that can barely clasp over one of my thighs…”

That decides it. Sheridan is my new spirit animal.

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