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I’m a bit late to the party, I know. Layton Brothers Mystery Room was released in 2012 in Japan, and 2013 in the US. However, it’s new to me because I didn’t get an iPad until May of 2014, and it took me a few months to realize that the game was actually available in the English language. Better late than never, right?

I’ve found Level-5 games to be a bit quirky, and this game is no exception. On one hand, you’re in the Professor Layton universe. On the other, you’re not an archaeologist solving puzzles, but a new detective constable assigned to work the toughest murder cases with Alfendi Layton, son of Professor Hershel Layton.

The game feels more like Ace Attorney to me than like Professor Layton, due to the clicking about, examining clues, and comparing the evidence to witness statements. It’s perfect for tablets. The main difference is that there are no attorneys involved. It’s Order without Law. It’s difficult to go into much detail without spoiling the story, but it’s pretty true to the Layton formula. Another plus is that there’s no penalty for incorrect deductions, which is good because some of the leaps in logic didn’t make much sense to me.

It’s a short game; I finished in under 10 hours. The first third of the game is free, while the rest is split into two inexpensive DLC packs that cost a total of $4.98 US. I can’t help but notice that this format leaves a great opening for more add-on content. At the end of the game thus far, there are still mysteries left unsolved, such as:

  • Who is Alfendi’s mother?
  • Where’s the other Layton Brother?
  • What’s the Professor up to now?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Layton Brothers Mystery Room official site

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