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"shut up and take my money!"

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The mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper was (finally) released in the US last week (for iOS and Android). Since it’s already been established that I have a “shut up and take my money” approach to things from Square-Enix, I downloaded this game as soon as I got the notification email.

"shut up and take my money!"
Dee’s approach to anything S-E comes up with

But wait… this is a mobile game. It’s free-to-play! Square-Enix doesn’t have to take my money! Record Keeper turns out to be a fun nostalgia trip through the main Final Fantasy games (excepting XI and XVI), and you don’t have to pay a single cent, unless you’re either impatient, or really want a certain rare item.

Let me break it down. You’re a scholar in an art museum of sorts. The paintings depict key scenes from different Final Fantasy games. For some reason, the paintings are fading, and your world with them. Your job is to hop into the different scenes in the paintings to restore them to their glory.

However, there are limitations. You only have a certain amount of “stamina” with which to fight. It can be replenished in one of three ways:

  1. Using Mythril, which itself can be gained in one of two ways:
    • As a reward for completing dungeons restoring paintings
    • By purchase, with Gems, which are in turn, purchased with real-life money.
  2. By gaining five stamina shards, which are gained in battle.
  3. By waiting it out. You gain one stamina point every three minutes.

The game also encourages you to repeat dungeons in order to level up your characters. Not only do you have the scholar (aptly named Tyro), but as you continue to restore paintings, you meet up with player characters from the various Final Fantasy games, including some generic ones. Right now, my party consists of Tyro (renamed Dee),
Cloud, Rydia, Kain, and White Mage. You get bonuses if you match characters and equipment with their respective games. For example, if you put Cloud in the Final Fantasy VII paintings, he gets a boost in HP and EXP. Give him his Buster Sword, and it gets even better!

Speaking of the Buster Sword, let me get to the second way S-E tries to get your money: rare artifacts, or , in other words, fancy equipment. There’s a gatcha system for chances at rare items. You get one free draw per day, but if you pay roughly $3US, you get another crack at it, but this time, you’re guaranteed an item above 3-stars in rarity (out of five). However, you can also use 5 Mythril for the same drawing, and, as previously mentioned, you can gain Mythril from battles.

There are events where you can get certain characters to join your party, or an increased chance at a certain item. For example, as of this writing, you have an increased chance of getting Cloud’s Buster Sword in the premium drawings.

There are also daily dungeons; each day of the week has a different bonus, such as elemtal orbs, EXP, or gil.
I’m clearing FFVI right now, but it’s a fun little game, and I haven’t yet felt the need to actually pay in.

I’ll try to keep you posted as to whether I get tired of it, or I hit a virtual paywall. For now, when I’m chilling, I switch it out with Pokemon Shuffle, which also has a time barrier.

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