I have not posted in over a year.

Life happens. By "life," I mean "sh*t."
Why I haven’t posted a new entry on over a year.

What can I say, other than “sorry?” Life happens. I often think of subjects I should blog about, but then think that nobody is going to notice or care anyway. And life continues to happen. I have all sorts of tentative plans in the works, such as:

  • Re-playing “Elite Beat Agents” on my Twitch stream
  • Ongoing Magic Hour/GamerParent shenanigans
  • A potential foray into cosplay for New York ComiCon
  • A proper chronicle of my fight against gross incompetence w/r/t obtaining health insurance
  • Other stuff I can’t remember right now

On top of all that, I really want to update the WordPress theme, which means I’ll have to do some tweaking to make it just so. Stick around, and I might get through one or two items by year’s end, ha!

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