Games for the Month: January 2020

Mamori in Tokyo Mirage Sessions wearing a uniform from Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Due to portability and pausability, the vast majority of my recent games have been on Nintendo Switch. Once again, I’m attempting to keep track of the games I play this year.

I think I finished up Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the very first days of 2020. Awesome game. I’ll come back to it with the next DLC update mid-February, when they introduce the “fourth house.”

Pokemon Shield: More putzing around in the Wild Area, and attempts to finish the Galar Pokedex. Nothing too serious.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: As cheesy as the original, but with some cute additions with the support team dropping in to extend the sessions. I also never paid for the DLC the first time around, so I got to level up in the optional dungeons, and play with a super OP party. Almost done with the main story. I also never did NG+ back in 2016.

Played some Tale in the Desert, though it’s mostly been making sure the animals don’t die. Not much time for major advancements, between work and kids.

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