First World Problems, LES Edition!

There is an online petition going around asking officials in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to work to decrease the amount of “dollar pizza shops” in their neighborhood.

Let me rephrase: someone created a petition because he or she believes there are too many pizza shops that sell slices for $1.

I’m not even sure most of the nation even has shops that sell pizza by the slice. When I lived in Upstate New York, places like that were hard to come by. Heck, pizza shops that weren’t Domino’s or Pizza Hut were hard to come by! Yet this person is so upset that there are so many options for cheap pizza slices, that they want officials to do something about it, in the name of “diverse restaurants.” It matters not that they can walk or take the subway a few blocks to all sorts of options. Apparently, being able to order food from your computer or smartphone and have it delivered to your door isn’t good enough.

I wonder if this person is joking, or he just has major issues with pizza.

Link: WCBS article



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