Are US Drivers Ready for Mirrorless Cars?

Over the years, cars have had more technology replacing what we humans have had to do manually. Nowadays, nobody bats an eye at automatic transmission; in fact, it’s difficult to find a stick-shift car with options.

Now, as the US is making rear-view cameras mandatory in new cars, Tesla, in conjunction with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, wants to take it a step further: replace all safety mirrors with cameras  (no word yet on the vanity visor mirrors).

Photo: Tesla Model X
The Tesla Model X, with sleeker, mirror-less sides. Photo by Tesla Motors

Is it safe? Probably. Is it reliable? Most likely? Am I comfortable with it? Heck no! Call me paranoid, but I like having low-tech contingency plans in place. Despite all of the safety technology we have today, the road is still a dangerous place (according to the US Census Bureau, there were 10.8 million auto accidents in 2009).  I like the idea of having cameras eliminate all of the blind spots, but I still feel like mirrors should be there, just in case the cameras fail.

Your thoughts on the matter are appreciated. Would you embrace the high-tech, aerodynamic option with open arms, or do you also have some trepidation?


h/t Car Talk

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